Information and Injuries

Thanks for stopping by and checking out the website. If you haven’t seen the fun promo video, we built please take a few minutes to check it out. After the fun, it tries to explain what’s going on here and whole point of me starting this major undertaking. The Mastocytosis Society will be charity I’ll be supporting throughout this endeavor.

I’ll be working on getting a donation button right here on this page for ease of use. I also plan on maintaining and displaying a list of all the donations and I will respect people willing to remain anonymous. I’ll be working on some standard pledge types for people interesting in giving that extra push during the event. For example, folks can pledge per mile or hours on my feet, etc.

If you have questions or thoughts that you would like to share feel free to comment on the posts or just shoot an email to:

So at least things are moving smoothly for the website and support of the charity but my training is totally non-existent right now due to injuries. It all started with a major hamstring strain during Hood To Coast in late August. I rested for a bit but not long enough and re-aggravated it on a trail run during Labor Day weekend. I decided to take 2 weeks off to really be able to start the training for the 200 on the right foot. The main thing is to get training in but the MOST important thing is to arrive at the start line injury free.

The hamstring was still there but I was slowly getting back into a nice rhythm. I was on my 2nd week of getting back in the full swing of training. During the 3.5 hour trail run with about 45 minutes to go, my calf just decided to barf. I’m pretty sure it was overcompensating on the downhills trying to protect my hamstrings. Being old just sucks when it comes to this stuff.

I tried to test it after a single day off but it just “hurt”. I gave it 3 days and about 10 steps into the run it was still a mess. So here we go ANOTHER 2 weeks off…looking at the calendar I still have LOTS of time to get in the hours on my feet.

The plan is starting running on Halloween…

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