I was talking with a close friend about her and her husband’s workout plans well talking isn’t quite correct as it was an email exchange. I swear I only talk to my daughter face to face these days and then its usually me making sure she’s on track with her school work. Everything else is pure digital, texts, emails, Facebook messages, and chat apps. Anyway, I was trying to give them some motivation techniques to get back on the workout train to help with job stress and odd work hours. I feel like I need to employ some of my own advice as with these back to back injuries it’s really hard to stay focused on the big prize.

I’m amazed at individuals at my gym that are always there no matter what day or week at 5am sharp. I swim on Monday/Friday but every so often I switch to various other weekdays and the same people are there every time I’m there. It’s AMAZING at their dedication and I kindof feel bad not being there as well. If they can do it, I should be able to get up early every weekday as well for a workout. I do envy most of them mostly due to the fact they get to stay warm in the gym while I freeze to death in the pool.

So I was trying to stay motivated yesterday when BOOM GOES THE DYNAMITE, I notice that my friend Eric has donated through the FB post to The Mastocytosis Society.


So awesome to get the ball rolling…hopefully this starts to snowball into even more support. I understand if folks would like to donate anonymously as well and respect that but if you do donate and let me know either through comments or email at I’ll be maintaining a roll call list. Of course I still need to figure out how to post it on the site but shouldn’t take too much.

Speaking of snowballs and the impending winter coming up on us. Did anyone see that Snowman crime thriller with Michael Fassbender in theaters this past week? I would suspect not. I guess they were hoping it would capture some Silence of the Lambs magic but seriously who goes to a big theater these days to see a crime thriller. I would suspect it will do better when it hits on demand services as I would think all the folks who might see would rather see it while sitting on their couch with their significant other.

So I’m counting down the days til I give the calf a try… 6 and counting right now. I just hope it feels fine and then I can just deal with the lack of fitness that the first 2 weeks will entail. After any layoff, the first 2 weeks are just horrible. Every run feels like death itself.

Motivation renewed….

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