The Itch

As I got on the trainer for another day of no running, I just feel this itch to try the calf. img_1080

My trainer setup is pretty good although when it gets cold, it takes about 10 minutes to feel warm. The calf is feeling good and it’s been almost 2 solid weeks since my last run. Hmm..should I just go for a few miles and do an immediate stop if I feel anything? I’m forced to take Saturday/Sunday/Monday off as I’m getting a wisdom tooth pulled. They said not to do anything strenuous until the empty gum hole heals a bit. It’s not one of those full blown ice cream only for days wisdom teeth surgery’s but just an easy “wiggle” the tooth out of it’s socket. It’s not impacted or anything and actually just sitting there so no biggie really.

So I could give the run a go today or tomorrow morning? I just waiver back and forth if another 4 days really will help or a quick run and then some time off to heal again and then go back to some normal startup training. Plus the weather is AWESOME right now for late October…if it was pouring rain like last week I don’t have any itch whatsoever.

The time is ticking by as it’s almost November and the holiday season. I feel woefully behind on my training and just getting ready for Elena’s 16th birthday in 2 weeks, Thanksgiving and then Xmas. Yep, I’ll have a solo driver in a few short weeks. She still has trouble parking but we’re doing our best to get her dialed in case she actually has to park the car in her driver test. Right now her appointment isn’t until Dec. 20th due to me not knowing how crowded the scheduling for driver appointments would be. We’ll hope for a cancellation after her birthday to try and get this over with earlier.

All in all my taxi days will be over. I’m looking so FORWARD to it. Actually, I’ll be making her be my taxi driver. I can’t wait to just sleep on road trips while she drives…payback will be SWEET. It’s the little things that keep me happy as I grow old and tired.

Thanks for reading and supporting the page and ultimately The Mastocytosis Society..

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