The hits just keep coming…

I went out for an early morning run to test day #2 with the calf. It felt a little sore but I was hopeful it will just slowly work itself out. However, I think my stride was jacked up or something because with about a quarter mile in my slow easy 4 miler, my back went all haywire. I’ve never had a back pain on any run. It was wild and all of sudden and had me gasp a bit into the early morning darkness like a scared toddler on Halloween night.


Now just standing hurts and trying to walk down stairs is SUPER PAINFUL. I’m hunched over as I pour my coffee and if I had a walker I think I would look normal because I’m not walking too good right now. On top of all this, the dentist no-showed for the appointment today. No call no nothing. I had to call them and then it was like oh we’re sorry but we don’t do Friday’s anymore. I’ve had this appointment in their books for over 3 weeks and even got a simple confirmation email earlier this week about it. Nope they totally dropped the ball and just lost out on my 2 planned appointments with them for cleaning and wisdom tooth removal. I should’ve known that convenience and the good natured dentist was too good to be true. The only silver lining there is my daughter’s dentist based on a close friend recommendation seemed really good and now will be getting my business as well.

Back to the back, I really not sure what to do or even what will make it feel better. All I can say out of all the injuries I’ve been through something like this would totally ruined all finish chances for the Bigfoot if it happened mid-race. This scares the crap out of me. The ultimate goal was trying to get all these EPIC endurance events done before my body broke down but perhaps I waited too long as I really feel my body breaking down right before my eyes.

The real thing is trying to adjust pace to perhaps let the body recover. This is mainly an ego thing for me as I just like feeling fast on the run but perhaps its time to come with grips that trying to stay competitive might not align itself with the goals of completing the Bigfoot.

Even though I have no excuse not to train this weekend, I think I have to rest this back as I’m sure bike, swim, run or walk will just make it worse. Perhaps, it’s just a fluke thing and tomorrow it will feel normal.

Thanks for listening to my frustration and venting…

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