Couch to 205 miles

This is what I feel like after this stupid back problem. It really feels like everything is aligning against me. I’ve had a few friends or non-runners that I’ve recommended the Couch to 5K plan to so I guess I could come up with one that gets me from not running for two weeks or barely 2 weeks in the past 10 weeks to the 205 mile ready shape.

I keep beating into my head it’s not about the speed it’s about time on my feet. So my back may hurt and my calf might not feel 100% but I’m gonna just slowly see if I can work it all out. For example, I decided to run 10 minutes, walk 5 minutes yesterday for just over 3 iterations and just a touch past 5 miles. I was trying to take it easy and still average just over 10 minute pace. That pace is SO FAST when you consider the 205 mile or even just a short 100 miler. 10 minute pace or so gets you to just under 17 hours which is LIGHTENING FAST. So overall I’m not as depressed but my running ego has taken a hit that I must just get past.

So the short term plan until I feel better, is to continue this 10/5 thing and just slowly keep adding more iterations. I’ll just stay at roughly 3 or so this week and then next week do 4 with a longer one on Saturday and then just see how it all shakes out.

I know I have the “Couch” portion of the plan really down as I watched a ton of football yesterday and all of the Dodgers debacle of a World Series game last night. For a Raiders/Dodgers fan like me yesterday was a total disaster. I really have a hard time getting my head around these bullpen pitchers who are “tired” or don’t have their best stuff after only pitching like 50 pitches over the past 5 days. It’s just so different. Maybe it’s like racing a 5k every day? I just don’t know. That Morrow inning was SO PAINFUL.

The Raiders are a total different story just so poorly coached especially the defense with just not a good use of the talent. It’s like having a great middle distance runner training for a marathon. They’ll be okay but not great.

Just wanted to give everyone an update…soon we’ll have a guest blog from Amber to really give everyone a more detailed look at her disease.

Thanks for reading…

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