No pain no gain!

It’s been 5 days of running/walking and I’ve come to this conclusion, no pain no gain. I’m resigned to the fact at least for the near term with this injury. I did however run the full 5 miles today without any additional problems…so PROGRESS. I’ve determined that it’s my peroneus muscle/tendon on my left leg. peroneal-anatomy

I think it’s a tendon but it’s hard to tell. It reminds me a lot of my posterior tibialis tendon problem on my right leg. Luckily after numerous weeks that pain just finally got better so I’m hoping the same thing for this one. I just need to temper my slow build so I don’t ruin something else.

The back is feeling better so that’s good and I can walk without looking like the Hunchback of Notre Dame at least from the posture standpoint not sure about the looks.


I was hoping for a huge long run on Thanksgiving morning so I could eat a TON of food but now I’m just hoping to run on that day.

Some form of pain whether it be muscle or just fatigue always accompanies my training these days and of course during an event there is ALWAYS pain/suffering. I do envy people who aren’t active sometimes when it come to this. They really don’t have self-induced pain/suffering and actually avoid things that HURT. Does that make me feel tough or just dumb? It’s probably more of the later but it does give me lots of fun stories to share like being so wiped out that I just laid on a paved bike path in SE Portland for many minutes and thought I’d never make it to the finish.

Thanks for reading and again thru December I’ll be matching all donations to The Mastocystosis Society and I even got a separate Facebook Fundraising page as well. Either way, there’s lots of ways to help out.

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