I’ve been thinking/debating how to approach my Saturday run all day so far and most of yesterday as well. It did my first morning swim in over a week go fast. The back held up for the most part during the flip turns and it was good for some easy cross-training. I’ll be hitting the bike trainer as well today to give everything a rest from the pounding.

What to do for Saturday’s run? I’m antsy to get some time/miles in the legs again but I don’t want to exacerbate the pernoneus or anything else. I’m thinking 20 on/5 off and do 3 total run segments which puts the total run time at an hour. I’m also debating 4 of those segments or doing something entirely different like 30/5 or even just super easy 40/5.

All this will completely go away when I hit the 6 hour mark and then everything will go to apprehension as just knowing you over that mark really feels daunting each time. Sure you go easy and the runs always feel great until those last couple of hours but lots of negative thoughts always fill my head. The injury concern is so great once I get there but that won’t happen til late spring at my current plan.

Those runs are when Strava becomes quite fun to follow or at least it was during my 100 miler training. Also post run food intake is another amusing anecdote on those Saturdays but everyone will just have to wait until I get my crap together and get in real shape.

The donations are just rolling in and it feels awesome for all the support. I gotten in touch with folks at The Mastocytosis Society and I’ll be working with them on an OFFICIAL fundraising page.


This will be a centralized place to go and donate with full on tracking. I’ll still put all the info and links on this page but that will be a nice destination page for all sources.

Thanks for the support and stopping by…

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