Xmas Commercials

I can’t believe we’re seeing Xmas commercials in full force the week after Halloween. I guess everyone is trying to catch our eyeballs and get us hyped up for Black Friday and spending but its definitely a shock to the system. It seems like the marketing folks just want us to skip thinking about Thanksgiving at all although to be fair I did find out that Dodge Ram trucks are a MAJOR sponsor for the Macy’s Day Parade or is it the Amazon Prime Day Parade. Jeff Bezos seems to be buying everything and anything. I guess he sold like over a billion…yes BILLION in Amazon stock last week. Imagine if you’re his broker or just brokerage firm? Also with that sale, there was enough folks out in the wild that bought a billion dollars worth of Amazon at around $1K per share. It’s not exactly true but there had to be a LOT of buyers.

With November starting up, my daughter has gotten a serious cold. Being the hard-ass that I am she’s going to school. Toughen her up for the real world plus it’s just a runny nose and just feeling blah. Everyone reading this I’m sure has gone to work/school/etc feeling the same so I figure to get her ready for when she’s on her own. With her 16th birthday on Saturday, she’ll be on her own before I know it.

We turned back the clocks and it was glorious. I love this as I can get some extra sleep and for a little while I have that extra morning light for runs. On top of that soon enough we’ll be at the shortest day of the year and then it’s just a matter of time before SUMMER arrives.

Speaking of early morning runs, I went for my first “long” run in ages on Saturday. I decided on 20 run, 5 walk. I headed out on a local trail(Leif Erickson) and was thinking of doing at least three of the 20 minute runs…well I got to end of run #2 and instead just turning right around I decided to do my walk up a connecting trail that parallels Leif called Wildwood. I had been running on this trail exclusively before all the injury business so I figured no big deal as it’s about the same time back. WRONG!! I ended up with 5 total run segments and just over 2 hours on the trail. OOPS!! Luckily everything held up quite well although I could feel the peroneus getting worse towards the end. I’ll stick with this loop for awhile though as it’s a nice 2 hours and should take me through the end of November.

The best part was it felt good to be logging some time plus during the whole run I was just thinking about how everyone is rocking the support with DONATION after DONATION. What a great week as we climbed over the $400 mark…Thanks to all my donators, Eric for starting it all off. Anonymous for just being so cool and out of the blue with the donation. Jen and Matt for making me think all Duck fans aren’t that awful. 😉 Clack & Chloe for having an awesome dad who just totally surprised me with the support. Jeremy for just the unexpected support and coming strong with the Canadian contingents. Alanna for support even while in the total meat of her Ironman training which is always a bear.

Thanks everyone for reading and donating…

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