One run to rule them all

I could say I’ve been slacking but I like to say I’ve been focusing. I’ve only been running on my run days. Seems obvious right? Well, up until all these injuries I had been just getting on the bike in my garage attached to my trainer for an easy 45-60 minute spin during the early morning hours. Since I had nothing planned I figured it was an easy way to keep the weight down plus I could easily sign up for an Ironman on a moments notice, right? Okay well maybe not but it did make me think that a triathlon event could be “planned” for if I wanted. It feels like old times only doing 1 RUN which made me think of LoTR(for non-nerds Lord of the Rings from Tolkien).


My legs feel better with just a single run and mentally I feel little bit better not having to squeeze in 2 workouts per day. My weight is doing fine as I’m trying to just eat a bit less and not get too crazy with post dinner snacks so it’s okay to “skip” the daily indoor spin. I’m still swimming twice a week to keep some sort of semblance of a swim stroke and “feel” of the water. Again just in case, I get that Ironman Itch.

As things progress though, I think I’ll be walking to/from work just to add a little extra time on the feet to the regimen. It’s only a 2 mile one way distance with just a simple freeway overpass as a hill so it shouldn’t be actually any problem.

Another benefit of a single run is running first thing in the morning. Sure it’s dark but again that’s just additional headlamp practice plus the first miles I go way slower than usual as I’m still waking up. This is perfect for my old muscles which need LOTS of warm-up time. The other benefit is WARMTH. Coming right out of the warm bed into workout clothes out into the elements means I’m not as cold for those first miles either. Even with a sub 40 day earlier this week I felt fine.

And the last benefit is FOOD & COFFEE. I don’t have to worry about a bad stomach and can leisurely eat some breakfast and drink my DECAF coffee after my run. Speaking of coffee, Starbucks has the EGGNOG LATTE back on the menu. My favorite coffee combination and my favorite time of year. You all saw this on my Facebook feed and if you didn’t just click the FB button to follow. I did however in my excitement forget to toggle the decaf button so I’m totally wired. I’m sure a bunch of folks are wondering WHY OH WHY decaf well it’s all part of my performance diet. Stay tuned for a future blog entry where I go over this and how it benefits me..

Thanks for reading and remember through December I’m matching all donations to the Mastocytosis Society which you can easily donate right from the button here on this page or from the Facebook fundraiser page.

Sticking with some LoTR theme I do feel like there’s a reckoning on Mt. Doom and Sauron is watching closely as I prepare and attempt the Bigfoot 200.


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