Campaign/Fundraising Page

I finally got an official campaign/fundraising page on the TMS website system. I’ve linked the “Donate” button on this page to it and took down the Facebook fundraising page so there’s just one page to donate and everything gets tracked there. Of course, we’ve already rocked $412 for the society so that’s awesome and much love to all that have donated but now it’s even easier. Just click that Donate button and it’ll take you to my official page. Tax season is just around the corner and who doesn’t want to deduct a few bucks from their overall tax burden for a good cause. As a bonus, you’ll know I suffer through everything and anything to get through the training and the event itself in August.

It is just great motivation. I’ve definitely think about as I wake up early and get ready to run in the cold/wet weather or when I’m feeling a bit tired like at the end of my trail run this past Saturday.

All in all it’s only been tiredness and not pain over the last few runs. It’s so nice to run pain free for a bit. I was able to go a little extra this morning and it felt great to finish and not have some “niggle”. A little soreness or something something that bugs you is called by me a niggle. I think I read it in some ultra blog awhile back and it’s just the perfect word for those types of things.

Well it’s almost mid-November as we head into winter, Oregon is already throwing rainy mid 40 degree runs at me. I keep thinking about getting this fancy North Face rain jacket but haven’t fully decided to drop the major bucks on it. At some point being dry and warm at hour 6 when I have 4 more to go will probably be worth it but for now I’m holding off.jacket

Soon Amber will be writing a post that will provide a lot more details than the simple short explanation in the trailer to really give everyone an idea on how Mast Cell affects her and how finding treatments and support for people like her is what all the donations are going for.

Thanks for reading..

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