Dark O-Thirty

Just like in Game of Thrones, Winter is HERE! It’s not getting light until about 7am these days. I’ve been running early for the past week and on my Saturday trail run. I really like going right from the warm bed to the cold outside. It makes it easier to stay warm as I’m just starting to cool off from the outside as I hit the mile mark and warming up. Plus running early allows for dealing with less cars on the road plus my early morning route is pretty well lit with a lot of sidewalk. It gives me a little extra experience with headlight running too.

Luckily for the road runs, I haven’t really experience any sleepy eyed drivers just yet. I have a nice reflective vest plus a blinky red light on the back as well. The trail runs are a bit different animal as footing is always an extra issue to be focused on. That’s really good experience though as even with trying to sleep a few hours each night during the Bigfoot they’ll still be a ton of night hours on the trail.

The other benefit for me is being able to eat casually after the run and throughout the day since I don’t have to worry about an problem stomach for a noon run. One last benefit is it really wakes you up even though the overall pace is much slower for the first couple of miles and the leg muscles start to warm up.

With this ultra training though speed isn’t a concern at all, it’s all focused on “time on my feet”. This weekend I added lots of extra time on my feet as the Forest Park Conservancy had a “Rake-a-thon” on Saturday. I did 3 hours of raking of the trail I’ll be running lots of miles on, Wildwood. It’s amazing how clean the trail looks and how much better the footing will be. However, my back and arms are a bit sore due to not raking in over 30 years. 😉 The sun was out so there was a HUGE turnout which made it go quickly plus I got some donuts and bagels for my efforts.

As we approach the shortest, I can’t wait for those days when it’s light at 5am. Soon enough summer will be here, warmth, light and closer to the Bigfoot..

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