Give Thanks

I just can’t believe we’re already past Thanksgiving with Xmas just around the corner. It just seems like yesterday it was the first day of School. I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving with their family and friends. Elena and Amber baked all day while I just sat and let the smoker do all the work on our pot roast. We usually always try a different protein for Thanksgiving and/or Xmas. They made a great apple pie and some berry tarts as well. They also gave gluten free bread sticks a go without eggs that turned out quite tasty. I couldn’t convince them to make gluten free bread stuffing but maybe for Xmas. 😉 We were all very thankful for the year we’ve had since coming back to Oregon in 2016. We feel like ourselves as Oregonians once again.

Elena got her license the week before Thanksgiving. Her friends at school scared her going into the test saying she was going to have to parallel park. I told her there was no way they would have her parallel park. Plus we never practiced as she could barely park in normal spaces. Anyway, she started crying until I agreed to let her practice parallel parking the night before the test. She was actually pretty good at it and I would even say better than normal parking which is just crazy. Well she crushed her test and got a 94 out of 100 and lo and behold no parallel parking. Here she is waiting to get her official license picture.IMG_1088

So watch yourself if you’re in Oregon and see a blue Honda Fit with the front seat jammed so far to the front and a girl who can barely see over the steering wheel. My insurance for adding her is through the roof though…man just crazy how expensive it is to have a teenage driver. I wouldn’t want to know how much it would be for a boy. So now Elena is totally independent, she’s driving herself to/from school and hopefully soon to a JOB. She’s applied for a bunch but nothing has come in yet. The best part is sleeping like a baby and have her drive down to visit friends. I can’t wait. So I’m thankful that Elena is a full on driver.

The week of training has been going great. I haven’t been dealing with any nagging pain and made it through my 3 hour trail run today with just only a slight twinge in the achilles and hamstring. Nothing really to worry too much about other than just taking it easy here and there. I feel like it’s slowly coming together and just need to keep grinding away. The good news is so far I have a nice weekly rhythm with running 6 days, swimming 2 times and an easy spin on a single day.

We heading fast to 2018 but there’s still time to ease your 2017 tax burden hit that donation button for a match from me as well.



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