Step by Step

My new Garmin 935 tracks daily steps which is just so interesting as I have a few friends with FitBit’s that also work on getting a certain amount of steps per day. They try to get around 10K steps per day. On my normal days where I just run 5 miles and I don’t end up with 10,000 steps!?!? It just amazing the persistence to make sure you’re walking around 5 miles per day in your normal day-to-day activities.

Garmin likes to vary my “daily goal” of steps throughout the week. While I was injured and not able to run at all, it slowly went from 10K down to 7.5K as my goal. It also likes to tell me that it’s noticed I don’t do much of anything on Fridays. A nice subtle way to tell me I’m a total slacker on Fridays. Well, this is ON PURPOSE. For example, I checked my steps after Saturday’s long day, 34K. I guess I met my goal for Saturday. Of course, this confuses the Garmin algorithm and ups my daily goal to like 17K.

I just wonder how many steps I’ll have daily during the Bigfoot. Maybe we could have a little mini-contest to guess my steps for each day of the Bigfoot..might be fun as I have no idea since a simple 3.5 hour run nets around 34K. Could easily go well over 100K steps per day..which probably crash the Garmin step algorithm. Of course, I’ll go to like 20 total steps the following days afterwards with each of those steps probably taking a total of 5 minutes per from the severe limp.

All in all it’s a fun distraction from the daily workout monotony.

I was really tired and extra slow today for the routine Sunday group trail run. My shoes were still damp from yesterday’s soggy 3.5 hour run. I think my shoes/feet are getting wetter on the trail here in Oregon w/ no stream crossings compared to running in DC where there were numerous stream crossings. The good news is I doubt I’ll have to be running numerous hours in 10 degree wind chill weather when my nutrition freezes over the course of the run. I’ll take the wet feet rather than frozen feet and entire body.

The latest niggle is my right achilles which is extra sore but at least it’s a known quantity for me. I’ve had achilles problems over the years so I know how to combat it and I’m used to dealing with it. Not the perfect condition heading into December but not the worst either.

Thanks for reading…

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