12 days of/to Xmas

I’m not even sure how the song goes anymore…BAH HUMBUG! Elena’s in high school so no more elementary school winter singing events and such. How’s everyone’s Xmas shopping going? I’m sure Dec 23rd at the mall is gonna be ARMAGEDDON since it’s a Saturday so very easy to roll out of bed and go Xmas shopping for all the procrastinators in the world.


And yes I typed procrastinators correctly on the first go or at least you have to believe me. With everything getting auto-spell-checked, it’s really strange but I’m forgetting more and more word spellings. I’ve gotten so lazy and bad that even the auto-correct/suggestion has no clue what I’m trying to say. But yet there is still that National Spelling Bee going on each and every year?!? Seems odd and it’d be like if we had a competition every year for the best stage coach driver.

We made it past the halfway mark for our donation GOAL of $1000. WOOHOO!!! That’s so exciting but don’t forget to get your tax breaks for 2017 and click that “Donate” button. Of course, I’m still matching everything from a simple $1 donation to any other amount even $100 which is what we got just recently. Let’s really try to find treatment and a cure for Mast Cell Disease together.

I know what you’re thinking where’s all my training talk, that’s what I come to this blog is to hear about crazy training days, injuries galore and overall preparation for a 200 mile event. Without further ado, here we go.

It’s been SUPER COLD but dry lately so my love of the early morning runs has reminded me of DC winter running. Luckily, I’m an expert at dressing for my love of staying warm and have been okay as far as surviving the sub freezing temps. It’s been so cold for a bunch of days that ice I dumped from our tamale party cooler is still in ice form after 3 full days being outside. It hasn’t completely melted. Speaking of the tamale party, it was a HUGE success as we easily made over 250 tamales and everyone had a great time. In order to participate fully, I had to break up my long Saturday and short Sunday run into so-so long Friday and so-so long Saturday all in the complete dark.

I went 2 hours each day and it really doesn’t feel that “long” anymore. I can’t wait til 8 hour runs don’t feel super long anymore but that probably won’t happen til the start of the summer. The achilles on my right foot is still a complete mess and with it has come the dread compensation pain. I’ve been running with too heavy a left leg stride and now I have a whole new pain. It feels like I’ve run Boston at break-neck pace because my left quad/groin muscle is sore big time. This is just from a run limp as I try to not have each right foot fall be excruciating. It’s so sore I brought this to work today.

rolling stick

I keep hoping that I’ll make it back to that injury free Nirvana that I experience for a precious few weeks awhile back. The good news with all this stuff is it’s building mental toughness for the last day of the Bigfoot as I’m sure I’ll be feeling pain EVERYWHERE.

Happy Holidays and thanks for reading..

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