1 step forward 2 limps back

I swear just as I’m starting to make any sort of progress on my training something happens. This time I’m running along in pain as usual when there’s a dip/depression in the trail. No biggie except I didn’t see the root also in that depression. BAM! I’m on the ground cursing as my ankle made a nice pop as it got super rolled over. It’s been almost 5 days and here’s how it looks now.


I was a lovely 1 hour running from the car so I proceed to limp back last Saturday. What a mess, I had a nice week of training planned leading up to Xmas and now I’m just sitting, elevating, icing and getting fat.

How’s everyone else doing as the last minutes to Xmas approach? I still haven’t wrapped any gifts yet but at least they are all safely purchased and residing in the house. No worry about UPS/FedEx being behind for me. The only good news is with work being very slow for the holidays I took some time off to relax. Probably for the best as if I keep the ankle elevated its not as swollen.

The horror stories are abound from friends stating that it takes a LONG time to come back and it might never be right again. I’m hopeful it won’t be so long as I really can’t afford much more time off. We’re at the 8 months to go mark which is just around the corner although just as winter is starting today summer feels forever away.

Happy SHORTEST NORTHERN HEMISPHERE DAY!! The good news is starting tomorrow we’re well on our way to summer as the days will be getting longer. YAY!!

I’ve been swimming and doing a little weight stuff on things that don’t involve my ankle. So maybe after it heals and the rest of my niggles are totally gone, I’ll be slightly stronger in certain areas and ready to hit the training hard.

Happy Holidays!! And there’s still a few more days before the end of 2017 and my donation matching.

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