To pavement or not to pavement

That is the question as I begin to train again. The ankle feels good enough for nice straight easy runs on pavement but do I go back to the trails? It a difficult question for sure as right now I have a mix of pavement and trail pre-events. Of course all of these are just training events to help increase fitness and mental fortitude leading up to the Bigfoot 200.

Another conundrum is my left quad is still all messed up. Even after 10 days completely off it hurts like before after a single mile in my first run back and now on every subsequent run. It’s so weird and definitely confusing on why it didn’t heal like at all. Since it’s my quad the pounding on pavement and downhill just exacerbates it. The problem is I’m hoping to run an 80+ mile team event in April and 100 miler in the Keys which both are completely on pavement. The thought was an easy 80 something and 100 miler on pavement would help the legs be ready for 205 miles on trails.

The only good news is my quads will be totally wrecked during those late miles in the 200 so it’s good to build up the mental aspect of what the pain feels like. Having a constant nagging pain since late August will hopefully help something since I know it’s not helping my endurance for sure. I’m so behind where I was in leading up to my first 100 mile in 2015.

I hope everyone had a great Xmas. My family had a very nice Xmas. My daughter for the first time in her life went out of her way and purchased Xmas gifts and wrapped them herself. She’s becoming a responsible adult. I was very proud plus I got some really cool stuff. 😉 Maybe I won’t end an old bitter alone man…at least not alone.

Just a few more days left for all donations being matched by me and who doesn’t need some extra tax relief. Why not give your money to a great cause rather to fund our government as it is today.

Happy New Year!

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