Finally a run and actually 2 runs back to back that consisted of no muscle or even tendon pains. Just normal fatigue that is concerning since it occurred around the 3 hour mark. UH-OH!! RED ALERT! Okay I’m a little over-reactive but a 4 hour run should be feel like sitting on my couch watching TV for the amount of effort in order to complete about 18 of those back to back to back.

2015 training feels so long ago now but maybe the first few 4 hours run felt the same way. I’m definitely softer than I was in 2015 right now. From training to weather as it feels a bit cold when its only 35 degrees out but I’m thinking it because we have a DAMP cold.

I was basking in not being there by watching the Weather channel. I must be the only one under 65 who watches the Weather channel because every commercial was some form of an AARP ad or something that they support. From easy flip phone cell plans to Medicaid support and I’ve fallen and can’t get up medical monitoring. Speaking of falling, a company at CES this year basically is promoting a new gadget which is air bags for your hips.helite-hip-airbag-4024-001

As long as they’re not made by Takata, we should be well protected. Although you’d have to watch out for airbag thieves.

How’s everyone’s New Year Resolutions going? It’s day 8 and have they all stopped because the gym wasn’t too crazy this morning. Sure it had more people than mid December but it didn’t seem so OVERCROWDED. Perhaps people with all these FitBit type devices are just walking and eating less to lose weight.

On the donation front, we killed it in matching donations for 2017. On top of that I just found out that my work will match my donations over $100 and up to $500. Not sure how long the processing takes or exactly if it’s cumulative but it’s all donations to the same organization in a few short weeks so we’ll see. That match however could easily put us over the 1000 mark which would be so amazing. I keep thinking about all the support from donations, words, help with the site, etc on my long runs.

It really helped me get out the door Sunday morning for 2 hours on the roads. Here’s my weekend runs. img_1104


The 19 miler was at Hagg Lake on the trail. It’s a bit inaccurate because the GPS look like it flaked out right at the end for about 20 minutes. So weird as it’s first GPS problem I’ve had with new watch. It was the first time I was on the Hagg Lake trail in about 30 years. The most memorable high school cross country race came at Hagg Lake on some of that trail as a freshman.

I won a JV 3K race all due to my coach telling to go out and win it and because I decided to make a strategic push before the single track started. It was also my first runner’s high experience.

At the time the shock was when my coach said I could win the race. Sure it was a JV race but still I was just a freshman. Its so long ago but I really don’t remember getting stressed about that information but did have in my mind where to push and if possible grab the lead. The first mile was pretty open with part road and about a quarter off before a single track section started. It would be impossible to make any pass once that single track started because it immediately went down a nasty switchback.

The race started with some jostling as usual and I was still in about 3rd or so as we hit the beginning part of the trail. The pace felt hot but I was sucking it up. I saw my section and went into a full on sprint/surge right by the 2 guys in front of me. I hit the switchbacks and just settled back into race pace. After the trail opened up a bit, I decided to look behind me and there was NO ONE that I could see at all. I immediately thought they had fallen or something because it was like I was the only one racing. Right then it hit me. I don’t know if it was just knowing I was in the lead all by myself or something else but everything just felt AWESOME. I felt like my current pace was effortless.

I didn’t even know that the feeling had a name or anything at the time but it was for sure a RUNNER’S HIGH. I went full gas and was just picking up my pace again and again. I have no idea how fast I was going because this was before any fancy GPS watches, etc. Back in those days, you couldn’t even wear a personal stopwatch yourself.

As I went through that section on Saturday I thought about that runner’s high and wished that it would happen again but no luck and continued to slog. The runner’s high is definitely something you hope to happen but it’s so infrequent and probably as an old person IMPOSSIBLE.

I’m sure everyone has little moments like this in their life that you can still remember pretty vividly even after 30 years assuming you’re older than 40. 😉 It’s crazy how something in the brain just gets hardwired to be remember while something else is totally forgotten.

Thanks for reading and all the support.

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