No Lottery Luck

So last week the Mt. Hood 50 miler lottery opened and they drew out the 150 names on Saturday and I didn’t get in. Bummer as I wanted to do the 50 miler on Saturday and then camp over night and do their 50k on Sunday all this 4 weeks before the Bigfoot as a way to get some real experience of going back to back with lots of miles. Well at least doing an organized experience is out. I was so unlucky that I’m over hundred down on the waitlist.

I’m getting some practice already as I decided that since I behind on my long runs I’ll run some time on Sunday to help pad my pain and suffering. Anyway, I was able to go 4.5 hours on Saturday and then followed it up with 2 hours on Sunday. So technically I’m behind schedule but ahead of my old 100 miler training schedule since I always took off Sundays. Now my day off/cross training day is Monday.

The 4.5 hours felt okay as my quad started hurting at the 2 hour mark but overall my pace and mental attitude was pretty good all the way to the end. Things are slowly getting there and soon enough 4 hours will feel just like a warmup.

I’m running slow and with running the popular Wildwood I get passed by everyone like I’m standing still. This is also good as there’s no egos/competitive fires during ultras. That’s one way to get you to overcook yourself early. Overall the pace is still a bit too fast so I’ll try to go even easier as the time ramps up. I do need to get some more power hiking up STEEP hills though at some point. When the weather gets better, I think I will head out to the Pacific Crest Trail for a long Saturday to get some decent climbing by Mt. Hood. I might try to just hop on a treadmill and crank up the incline for some power hiking. Just want to make sure my hiking muscles are ready as I’ll be hiking all the uphills over the 205 miles.

The best part of the longer runs is slowly I’m getting my head around the effort. It’s basically move for 20 hours, rest/sleep then repeat 2 more times. It’s just 7 months to go which sortof seems like a long time but really isn’t. I’m sure come July I’ll be really excited and looking towards the event and insane amount of SLACKING I’ll be doing right after. Like the rest of August just laying around, eating Doritos, watching movies and pounding all sorts of caffeinated beverages.

The next big thing on the schedule is the Hagg Lake 50K and 25K on Feb. 17th & 18th. That should be about 6 hours on Saturday followed up with around 3 hours on Sunday. A nice milestone and hopefully easy.

Thanks for reading…

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