Donation Goals

So we’re closing in on the donation goal…another great donation from a long time friend and used to be fellow runner, Vera… Back in the day at Mentor, we used to run a lot together. So right now with all the various donation websites that I’ve kept track of, we’re at $812 raised for The Mastocytosis Society for my Bigfoot 200.

It’s only January so we have 7 more months to go basically. Lots of time for folks who haven’t jumped in on the support bandwagon to hit that Donate button. The great news is my company(Mentor Graphics) matches charitable donations up to $500. So all those matches I made before New Year’s will also be MATCHED. I’m such an idiot and didn’t know about the program until after the New Year. Anyway, so they’ll be matching my $288 donated so far which brings us up to $1100. WOOHOO!! Well past my initial goal.

So now I’ll be upping the goal to $1500…that’s doable I think with the amount of time left. Plus I haven’t even come up with some fun pledge mechanisms for the event itself. I mean who wouldn’t want to just pitch in like 10 cents per minute I finish under 72 hours? Or perhaps $1 cents per 10K steps my Garmin tracks? It had me at 49K for my 5 hour training run. Or something based on calories burned, like $1 per 1K calories? Again my 5 hour, Garmin tracked 2500 calories. Basically fun with numbers and fun with donations.

7 months seems like a long time to attain donation goals but to me seems super short to get into 20 hour + rest + 20 hour + rest + 20 hour shape. I felt pretty good at the end of my 5 hour trail run on Saturday but that’s not 20 hours. I slept good and hit the pavement for 2 more hours on Sunday. Of course that’s not 20 more hours with a 3rd day looming. It’s definitely daunting mentally but I just gotta get to July and see how it all comes together.

On top of all this my legs are almost completely covered in KT tape. I have both achilles, right shin and left quad taped. Everything is just tired but I do feel good about where I’m at. I’m shuffling around 12 minute pace along Wildwood so hopefully that translates to around 15 or so pace in the event with LOTS of energy. Once the weather turns summer my spirits will lift as well. Right now its cold and wet so it doesn’t feel the greatest to be outside 5+ hours. Only a few more months hopefully before the weather starts to feel better.

The best part is the days getting longer. It allows me to finish not so late in the day on Saturday. I can start earlier and not have to worry about footing with a headlamp.

If you want to keep more up to date, feel free to click the Facebook button to the left. I post live weekend run tracking and post run stats usually.

Thanks for reading and donating…

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