100 miles easy right?

So on a whim I signed up for the Mountain Lakes 100 which is right here in Oregon the Pacific Crest Trail which is late September…why you ask? Well my diabolical plan is to use it as a lottery ticket to the Western States 2019 lottery. It’s a qualifying race and is put on by GoBeyond a local group who puts on lots of ultras around the state. I’ll be in shape for sure but will I be recovered from the Bigfoot that’s the true unknown. It’s about 6 weeks afterwards and they have a decent refund policy so if all else I just bail out and get my half my entry back.

Western States is the pinnacle for me. It’s the first ultra I heard of when I was a teenager and always thought how cool it was. I mean the whole mythical 100 miles and finish under 24 hours. It just sounds so awesome…I mean you’re out there for 24 straight hours with no sleep and you actually have to eat food. In high school, we were just training for 5ks so at most running 9 miles at a time. It just seemed so AMAZING to be able to do it.

They have a lottery every year and to get into the lottery you need to complete one of their qualifying races. A friend and fellow ultra runner got lucky and punched his ticket on his first go at the lottery a few years. Maybe I’ll get lucky too? Hence signing up for a local race on a decent trail with a chance and plus I’ll be in shape for 100. Heck that distance will seem like an after-thought.

Speaking of after-thoughts, my simple 2 hour run on Sunday is becoming just that. I didn’t even notice it this past Super Bowl Sunday. Plus it seemed I had so much free time afterwards as compared to Saturday where I put in 6 hours of running. I need to get that 6 hour run to feel like an after-thought. It felt great for the first 3 hours but those middle hours were a slog before the last hour which just always seems to TAKE FOREVER.

I think it’s the whole anticipation of getting to the car and stopping which really makes the time slow down to a crawl. My pace was consistent throughout which is great. I’m really get a nice gentle dialed in pace but I just need to keep getting longer and longer.

I only have 180 or so miles on my newer trail shoes and I’ve ripped the upper near the toe. It’s probably from all the mud that dries on and then the miles with the upper caked. I’m gonna give another brand a go I think but I just need to rinse them off post run. The trail I’m running on is pretty sloppy. So the feet during a few runs have been wet for long stretches but overall the Oregon winter has been AWESOME. We’ve had pretty warm weather relatively and not a TON of rain during my runs.

I hope it continues but really the only perfect weather days I’m hoping for are August 10th, 11th, 12th and 13th in the Cascades.

Thanks for reading…

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