Big slow raindrops = SNOW!

I woke up to a lovely 34 degree rain filled morning for my run. As I was heading into the last mile I started noticing these large sized “things” coming down. It’s pretty dark so at first I thought they were just some leaves. Being that it’s pretty boring in the morning, I was thinking what if there large drops of water off an invisibly alien aircraft hover above me.

As I continued to finish the run, I finally noticed that it was actual snow coming down mixed with the rain. I’m guessing this is the last hurrah of Old Man Winter here in Oregon. I gotch ya Mr. Winter. It’s really been a cake walk of a winter running season so far so this isn’t really even phasing me. I do feel the dog days of winter though a bit just with the training. I’ve been feeling really consistent and with that a bit of drudgery for every run. Once I finish each one though I feel a ton better about it. The look ahead to longer runs and warmer weather though has me excited.

The ever changing niggles continue. I have some calf pain, the right quad and a little hamstring soreness now. My back is a bit sore as well during the long Saturday run. The only positive is my toes and specifically my toenails are doing pretty good. I really think these Injinji liners are helping a ton. I had tried normal Injinji running socks but the bulk between my toes really bugged me after about an hour. Injinji are unique socks that are basically like gloves for your feet. They have individual toe coverage rather than a traditional sock. The liners are super thin and meant to go under other socks so they’re perfect. The only unknown is I heard as your feet swell from all the miles in an ultra that Injinji socks are hard to deal with since they’re sized to your normal unswollen feet. I’ll be bringing my normal trail socks to the Bigfoot as back-up.

So as winter is slowly coming to an end, the days are getting longer and I’m actually able to start my long Saturday run a bit earlier each week. However, stupid Daylight Savings Time is just around the corner to screw me. March 11 is the D-day. I go from being able to start before 7am to back to complete darkness when I do. It’s good to get some dark trail running in as practice but it’s also a bit harder to navigate a sloppy trail in the dark. Although soon enough I’ll be able to start at 5am in complete daylight which will be awesome especially when I have a 10 hour run ahead of me.

We’re just under 6 months to go…it feels like a long time away but I’m pretty sure I look and it will be July. The unknown stress will be through the roof but until then I just try to make it through each week without an injury.

Thanks for reading.

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