Lucky #7

This weekend marks my first 7 hour run attempt since 2015. Go down the trail 3 and half hours then turn around and survive the return trip. The other lucky part of 7 is I just finished my first pass at my nutrition plan based on the aid station spacing at the Bigfoot 200 and my sleep plans. It seems each major stop is right around the 7 hour mark based on an average of 3 to 4 miles per hour.

Basically, its load up nutrition for 7 hours, pass through one aid station to top of anything then hit a final aid station and repeat the process. Do this 3 times per day before the attempted sleep, wake up and repeat again. So everything will be sortof broken down into 7 hour chunks. That will be a main focus through March as I’ll sit at the 7 hour Saturday run before upping to 8 hours in April.

My last 6 hour run was not so lucky as the trail was full of snow and slush and with about an hour to go my right hamstring was not happy. It basically told me in flat out terms if you try to run at your normal 6 hour run pace as you finish I will snap. Needless, I felt overall fine at that point both in mental and physical(sans hammy) but went SUPER SLOW in the last hour.

It serves me right for declaring winter was over and then Mother Nature kidney punching me with multiple inches of snow last week. The lesson don’t taunt Mother Nature in a blog post.

This week of running has been exclusively getting the hamstring back on track with ice, Tiger Balm, run/walk and just overall easy paces. It feels better but I know it’s there just like the numerous other niggles that plague my legs. It’s a constant battle to get enough time in on the feet but not too much to cause a serious injury.

So we’ll be running Lucky 7s all month and even on St. Patricks Day.

Thanks for reading..


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