It’s starting…

I’m sure a little of this is due to daylight savings and having a 6:30am flight to San Jose on Monday but boy am I starting to drag ass. I mean I did run for 10 hours over the course of Saturday/Sunday but still I think the training is starting to catch up to my old 46 year self. I was a spry 43 when I was training for the 100 miler and of course even then I started to drag but that wasn’t until about May/June. As I start yawning yet again…

The good news is Saturday’s 2nd 7 hour run felt a TON better than the first one. I decidedly went a bit slower at the beginning and it really paid off at the end as I didn’t feel completely wiped out. Even the 3 hour run on Sunday felt pretty good and I had some pep in my step here and there. I think a lot of it had to do with the weather as we were blessed with 2 sunny 60 degree day highs. I was long finished before that temp but it just meant I got to start off in 40 something degree weather. On top of the that the trail was fairly dry so the feet felt dry the whole way. Barring the current posterior tibial tendon issues I’m having it really would’ve just a great time on the trail.

It just 5 months to go which seems like a long time but really isn’t. I’m getting close to where I could feel I could complete a 100 miler so hopefully in another 4 months I feel like I’m ready to tackle the 200 miler. I’ve planned a 2 day camping trip to the Pacific Crest Trail for the last training weekend. Since I missed out on getting into Mt. Hood 50 miler the week before I’d do my own super double the following weekend. The plan right now is to run for 12 hours on Saturday and then run for probably 8 on Sunday. I’ll try my best to simulate food and sleep Saturday night in an attempt to work out those kinks as well as watch charging, clothes, ear plugs, etc. I’m sure it will be epic and I’ll probably feel really dead but that will be the last workout before the 3 week taper.

I’m still debating internally with myself and my cravings on what my weight should be for race day. I was a bit heavier on Saturday(144) than I was the past Saturday(140) and I felt great. Hmmm….I still think under 140 will be ideal but it’s hard to know for sure. Mostly due to the fact I can’t get under 140 for any length of time as I’ve been pretty lax with my snacking. I just need to focus a bit and with the warmer weather the last few pounds should come off.

Once I finish though then all the cravings for Doritos and various other chips and Cheetos will be indulged to their fullest. For those following me on Facebook, you probably already saw this but in this month’s Costco coupons I saw this:


I screamed out loud in my house with insane glee. I will be stocking up as secretly I’ve been eating my previous stock. I know but it gets me through the week so I have indulged. I was hard-fast in my previous training cycles but this time not so much until TODAY. Okay, the plan with the new stock up is put them out of sight and that should allow me to overcome my addiction. They are so tasty though…

With the Costco limit lets just say I’ll be making 3 distinct trips. 😉

Thanks for reading..

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