Training Thoughts

As I was making my way through my short 5 miles this morning under the moonlight, I was thinking just about how my training is going so far in the build up. Speaking of moonlight, it was so bright and low in the sky that I could actually see my shadow on part of my run if I turned off my headlamp. Speaking of headlamp, I purchased a new Petzl Actik this past Sunday and boy can it go super bright. Definitely brighter than the one I’ve been using since 2012. It wasn’t the brightness that made me grab another headlamp but the 2012 part. My current one is going be 6 years old and I’ve been using it a ton and have used it a ton. I’ve read quite a few race reports that talk about people borrowing headlamps because all of sudden the one they brought doesn’t work. So I’ll have my old one as backup but I’m almost guaranteed that the new lamp won’t burn-out during the 3+ days/nights.

Today and yesterday’s run actually were pain free which is a miracle. The niggles have been non-stop for what feels like months. No posterior tibial issues and even the bottom of my foot where that stupid tendon connects didn’t hurt. My routine has included extra rolling and icing and no barefoot walking on the hardwood at the house. I can only dream of pain free runs continuing but I’m sure come hour 5 on Saturday that won’t be the case.

Speaking of the Saturday LONG runs, I’m up to 4 straight weeks at the lovely 7 hour mark. I’ve had what felt like one good feeling one and the other 3 have just been slogs. Although it seems during every one of them at the 3 hour or so mark I feel awesome. But that only lasts about 30 minutes before it turns 180. I always come up with great funny things to mention in the blog during these 7 hour runs but totally forget them. I’ve been heavily debating making some short little selfie vids with my phone at various points to give some in depth of the training. Problem is its been wet and cold so not ideal video conditions for the phone. This weekend is suppose to be dry with high 50s so maybe I give it a go. Although I always think who would really care what my thoughts are during a 7 hour run well actually 8 as I’m upping the length on Saturday.

Sundays have been at the 3 hour mark for a bit as well and I think I’ll probably max those at 4-5 hours before the big epic special training weekends. 3 hours feels SO SHORT comparatively that I barely notice and time just flies. I’m usually done and home by 11am as opposed to Saturday where it feels like a full day.

This is one of the harder parts is just not having what feels like a chunk of downtime on the weekend before heading back to work on Monday. Mentally it’s a bit tough because I really can’t “relax” or “zone” out much during the runs. I’m always watching the trail for footing and then focusing on my stride and such to not injure myself. I feel like all my training I’m running scared due to not wanting to exacerbate an injury. Don’t get me wrong though as I do feel accomplished at the end of those Saturday/Sunday runs.

This is just gonna get harder but overall I think it will make the Bigfoot 200 easier. During the 100 mile training I had just slogged out TONS of 8 hour runs. I still had tough spots during the 100 mile but overall I really think it made it easier. I’ll have all these hours in my legs prior to the Bigfoot which will in the end serve me well. It’s going to be 3+ days of constantly moving through the Cascade mountains.

Overall, I’ll muster through and having blown through my first goal of $1000 in donations this keeps me going for sure. Its such an amazing show of support for me during this training and for our family. I feel awesome about it and when I put the $1000 goal I really didn’t think we reach it. Well now it’s time to up the goal and see if we can hit $2000. Yep, let’s throw out a super reach and see if we can hit that one. Basically, $10 per mile I cover now that would really make those last 50 miles seem a bit easier knowing I had garnered $10 for each of them for The Mastocytosis Society. If you haven’t had a chance to donate just yet, don’t fret there’s lot of time. On top of that I have some interesting ideas for some incentives to help make folks feel part of the whole experience.

Again, thanks for reading…


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