Can’t spell accomplishment w/o “Start”

Okay well maybe you can technically. This really describes my recent Saturday training day in a single sentence. It was the third 8 hour training day and on the drive at o-dark-thirty to the trail, I just had all this “dread”. The first two 8 hour efforts were okay nothing special but not fiascoes. The weather for this 3rd one wasn’t “bad” per se so I really couldn’t put my finger on why mentally I was just a mess. I started running through scenarios of maybe I should just go short and take a “rest” week.

I started thinking though to the family and the support of friends via donations to TMS and just everything and just thought to myself. SUCK IT UP, BUTTERCUP! I can suffer for 8 hours on a day that I just don’t feel because Amber has lots of rough days but she has no choice.

The first hour was SLOW but I figure oh well and no need to burn the trail plus it was dark and it has lots of roots and such. I do a little 1 hour out-n-back then pass the vehicle for my remaining 6 hours. I started those 3 additional out hours and just wasn’t feeling so I decided I go just 2 hours and then come back to the vehicle before redoing the beginning 2 hours. It basically gave myself an “out” at the 6 hour mark plus just a nice pick me up on getting back to the car.

I justified all this chicanery as “training” for doing 6 hours, stopping at the car for fuel and then continuing for another 6 hours on my peak weekend in July. I actually added up the number of total training weekends I have and it’s 14. ONLY 14 LEFT before the taper. I’m excited already for the taper. 14 will go by super quick or at least I hope.

The other benefit is I felt I could leave the car at the 6 hour mark and start that other section. Once I started it wouldn’t be too hard to just do a “quick” hour and then turn around for home/car. Sure enough I felt really good getting to the car and then proceeded to go down the other side of the trail.

It took about 20 minutes before the “blahs” started but I shook them off a bit and just plodded along until I could turn around. I finished right at 8:00 or like 10 seconds less than it and felt accomplished.

Looking back at all the hours there really was only a single super low point but it didn’t last. The weather had cooperated for another week in a row so I was dry and warm.

So sometimes, it just doesn’t feel like you should bother just put that out of your mind and start.

Obviously, there will be a few tough starts during the Bigfoot so actually it’s a good thing to have doubts. I mean it’s going to be all new to “start” after having done something like 140+ miles in the previous 2 days for that 3rd day.

I’m hopeful during the Bigfoot I can actually get some restful sleep so I’m not a total zombie by the 3rd day and get lost navigating the night. I hear hallucinations are an almost sure thing. I remember having them in college when doing many straight hours of studying. It’s been so long but I definitely had epic all night sessions with one even spanning the 48 hour mark.

As part of prep, I keep trying to get up super early every day to run before the sun comes up. It’s also easier since I really don’t have to worry about cars on my running route. The weirdest part of running in the early morning for me is the street lights. I swear there are few street lights that either turn on or turn off when I run by. Has anyone else had that happen to them? Perhaps, I have a super power that I didn’t know. I can turn off street lights with my mere presence although it only works on a few. Maybe it’s just a wonky light that randomly turns off and on and just by chance I happen to time it perfectly every run.

There’s not much else to think about at 4:30 in the morning so this passes the time as I attempt to determine the cause of street light behavior. Perhaps it my ELECTRIC personality. 😉

Thanks for reading..

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