As promised, we’re doing a t-shirt promotion for every $50 donation up until July 8th. So if you’ve been on the fence, thinking about how you missed out on that 2017 tax break and don’t want to miss again, now’s the time to that donation button and support my effort at Bigfoot 200 and a… Continue reading T-Shirt

Triple Death

That what I decided to do this past weekend for my training. The weather has been constantly improving so much so that this week we had 80s which is super rare for Oregon in April. Anyway, throughout last week I was contemplating doing a Friday night run. The weather for Friday was supposed to be… Continue reading Triple Death

Lucky #7

This weekend marks my first 7 hour run attempt since 2015. Go down the trail 3 and half hours then turn around and survive the return trip. The other lucky part of 7 is I just finished my first pass at my nutrition plan based on the aid station spacing at the Bigfoot 200 and… Continue reading Lucky #7